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Website Terms and Conditions

Effective date: 18/3/2019

Welcome to CostoMenu. This document describes the terms of Use and conditions that govern the use of this website by all users and for any subscription and service available at costo.menu. CostoMenu has been developed and run by the business that operates under the name Antonios G. Parousis with registered seat and main branch in Paros island (Alyki 5, PB 55406, PC 84400) and second branch at 9-11 Parodos Chiou, 18540, in Piraeus (hereinafter “CostoMenu” or “the Company”, “we” or “Us”).

Please read these terms and conditions carefully before your registration and/or use of any subscription options available. All users need to understand that by registering with our website they accept these terms and conditions in full as they are valid at the time of their registration or as they might change from time to time. The users of this website are advised to print a copy of these terms and conditions out and retain it for future use. Please click on the “Accept” button during registration, if you accept these terms and conditions. The terms and conditions of this website are valid for both corporate clients and individual members and any acceptance of the services provided in this website means full acceptance of these terms and conditions. If you disagree with these terms and conditions or any part of it, you must not use this website.


Name: Antonios G. Parousis

Registered at: Seat and main Branch Paros Island (Alyki 5, PB 55406, PC 84400)

Second branch at 9-11 Parodos Chiou, 18540, Piraeus

VAΤ no: 050294073

Tax Office: DOY PAROY

Tel:(+30) 210 4208731

Email: info@costo.menu


User: any visitor and user of our website

Member: any user who has registered and created an account (either as a Beginner (free) or a paid subscriber)

Member/User Account: the account created by any registered user

Platform: our online platform as presented on the website


CostoMenu is web-based recipe costing application. Our platform allows our users to create their own recipes and CostoMenu will do the costing for them according to the ingredients used and will suggest selling prices according to the profit margins each user aims for.

Since we are web-based, the recipes and Menus created are accessible from any location at any time on any device the user choses (PC, tablet, or smartphone).

Moreover, CostoMenu allows users to run various reports such as Menu Engineering, Inventory and Market list, that will help them in their day to day work


Upon your registration as a member of our website you guarantee that:

4.1. You are legally competent to enter into legal agreements.

4.2. You are over 18 years old. For users below the age of 18 it is necessary that there is the express consent of their parents or legal guardians. Any such consent by a parent/guardian results in full acceptance of the present terms and conditions.

4.3. Whatever you upload and/or administer in our website is legally accepted and you have the required permission for it.


5.1. All users i.e. a) system administrators, b) education administrators, c) instructors, d) salesmen, e) trainees, f) professionals, g) businesses, should register by creating a username and a password in order to gain access to the services of our website.

5.2. You may register for services of this website by filling out the form and by accepting the terms and conditions and making the payment required under the subscription package you have selected.

5.3. After your submitting the registration form and payment (where applicable) you will receive a message via email which will confirm your registration as well as your username and password and will grant you the status of a member in your chosen subscription package. At that time, you shall receive information on how to use the website and your account.

5.4. Once your registration is completed, you will be entitled to the use of the services of our website under the specific subscription terms (see “Subscription Options” below).

5.5. The users are responsible for keeping their account information (username and password) safe. Costo.menu retains the right to reject or terminate your registration for not complying with these terms and conditions or subject to legal obligations.

5.6. Please note that we shall use the email address registered in your account as the main means of communication with you, therefore it is imperative for you to keep this contact information up to date.


he current subscription packages offered on our website amount to:
a. Up to 10 recipes per year (free package)
b. Up to 300 recipes per year (“professional” package) or
c. Unlimited recipes per year (“expert” package).
CostoMenu retains the right to change the subscription packages from time to time and any valid subscriptions shall be displayed on the website. Any changes will not act retroactively but will be valid only for any new/renewal subscriptions. The user has the option to select automatic renewal for an uninterrupted service (see more below under Fees & Payment Methods).

6.2. If no automatic renewal has been applied, at the end of each subscription the user has the following options:

a)Renew a subscription: the subscription fee payment (if applicable) should be completed before or on the day the subscription expires in order for the subscription to continue uninterrupted and for it to be successfully renewed for any chosen period. Upon the expiration of a current subscription any content the user has entered in our platform will not be immediately deleted from the system but will be retained for a period of five (5) years so as to allow the user some flexibility about his/her renewal options. At the end of this period CostoMenu will contact the user via email, at the email address available on the account, and inquire about whether the user intends to renew his/her subscription. If a renewal takes place all content will become available to the user again.

b)Delete his/her account: In case a user chooses not to renew and have the account deleted from the system all user data will be permanently deleted (see also paragraph 6.3.).

6.3. When a user remains inactive in the system for more than five (5) consecutive years, CostoMenu has the right to have that user account permanently deleted and the user's data will be permanently deleted but not before the user is notified about the scheduled deletion. The notification to the user will be performed through the email address which the user has registered and used in his/her account. It is therefore the responsibility of users to ensure they provide us with their current email address and update their information on the system if they change it.

6.4. After the deletion of users' accounts, our company bears no liability for permanently deleting their data from the system and all users agree and understand that it will not be possible to undo this.

6.5. It has to be noted that the owner of the account is the email holder associated with the account, not the person who has submitted the subscription payment or the business owner in case a business registers for the service. It is therefore strongly advised to enter the appropriate email information and keep it up to date.


If a user violates these terms and conditions, we retain the right to restrict, suspend or terminate its access to his account at any time on a two days' notice to his/her given email address.


8.1. The subscription fees displayed in our website do not include the applicable V.A.T.

8.2. The subscription payments are paid in full at the beginning of the subscription and there can be no refund. Our Company offers a free package for users to evaluate the platform and decide, at any time during the free subscription, whether they want to upgrade to a paid subscription or not. If they choose to purchase a subscription package then there can no longer be a refund.

8.3. The user has the option to select the automatic renewal option so its subscription package will be renewed for an equal amount of time at the expiration time. It is up to the user to select whether the subscription will be automatically renewed or not, but we recommend the automatic renewal for an uninterrupted service.

8.4. The available payment methods are displayed on our website costo.menu and are:

  • Credit or debit card: to pay by credit or debit card you will be redirected from our website to a secure online payment service. After you have completed this procedure your registration will be considered completed.
It has to be noted that CostoMenu does not collect or store in any way the details of your card payment. All debit/credit card electronic transactions are re-directed and performed within the VIVA PAYMENT SERVICES S.A secure system. All card and payment information are transferred using encryption SSL 128-bit. The payment is completed in VIVA PAYMENT SERVICES S. A systems and not in the system of Costo.Menu.

8.5. We hold the right to change our subscription rate policy at any time. The new fees will not affect any current subscriptions, but they will apply to new or to renewed subscriptions.


9.1. During their subscription users will be able to upload recipes, menus, ingredients and/or ingredient lists, and/or photographs. All the above will be visible only to the user who uploaded them or to any authorized person logging in the system with the login details of the user. The aforementioned data will be considered as property of the user who uploaded them in the system and will only be visible to other users if the user allows it, provided that the website CostoMenu allows data to be shared among users or other social media. The software and our system allow users during their subscription to access the website and save recipes, ingredients, labor costs, operating costs, suppliers’ information, and all other information related to their recipes and kitchen management/business, as well as management of their warehouses and enhancement of their financial information for their profitability. All functions depend entirely on prices and recommendations of the products and prices that had been registered by the user. Costo.menu will not be liable for any claims regarding the use or sharing of inaccurate data such as multimedia, recipes, ingredients or any other data that have been reproduced, shared or otherwise administered by users via our website. Users are exclusively liable for all the information they enter in our system as well as their tools. For this reason, and in order for users to have a reliable result, they should input and update the correct prices on each ingredient on their own and at their own responsibility in order to arrive at a valid total cost of a recipe.

9.2. All information provided in our website is purely informative, for public use and we are not responsible in any case for any consequence that occurs upon users relying on it. Users should evaluate and rely on any piece of information at their own discretion and risk. Our company will not be liable for any incorrect or otherwise inaccurate pricing of recipes, ingredients, or products due to inaccurate prices that have been registered in the system by the users.

9.3. Our Company will not be liable for any mistake or inaccuracy regarding calories, nutritional value, or any information regarding an ingredient, a type of food, or a recipe and users acknowledge and agree on it.

9.4. Our company will not be liable for any data leak such as leak of recipes, ingredients, or other type of information, partly or in total, as a consequence of third parties accessing the website by using the login details of the users. Users are responsible for keeping their login details private and safe so that no unauthorized third parties gain access to their accounts.

9.5. Moreover, our company is not liable for any data leak such as leak of recipes, ingredients, or other type of information, partly or in total, as a consequence of any type of hacking, or via phishing tools or other similar tools and software.

9.6. We have taken all appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect our systems from data loss (due to external malicious attracts, viruses etc) including data backup in a secure cloud environment. However, while every effort is made to provide adequate security, we cannot preclude the possibility of cyber-attacks or other types of security incidents that may result in data loss.

9.7. Users should keep a copy of all recipes, menus, and/or photographs that they upload in our website. Our company will not be liable for any loss or limited access to any recipes, menus, ingredients and/or ingredient lists and/or photographs due to temporary technical malfunctions of the website. Moreover, we bear no liability for the deletion or editing on any of the above or for any other type of information or data registered by the users. In case a user deletes or edits a recipe or a file, this cannot be restored.

9.8. Any tools for cost calculation or recipes, menus and other financial data, operation and labor costs shall be used correctly by the users. Users are solely responsible for registering and updating the prices in the system, so it is recommended that prices are updated on a regular basis in order for the results to be accurate.

9.9. We cannot be held liable for any inaccuracy in the ingredients priced or in the financial data as they are registered and administered by the users.


The software and the platform of CostoMenu are based on data that are registered in the system by the users. Therefore, our company cannot be held liable for the inaccuracy on the existence of allergens in users’ recipes, menus, or other data as well as on any allergic reaction caused as a result of use of such recipes or other data.


We are committed to protecting your personal data. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information. The Privacy Policy is an integral part of these Terms of Use and describes the type of personal data we collect, and how we process and protect them.


12.1. Users may not use the website in any way that breaches the applicable legislation. Costomenu reserves the right to revoke or modify the functions and services of the website without notice or liability.

12.2. Users are not allowed to (not exhaustive list) :

  1. use defamatory, threatening, abusive, discriminatory in any way language, or act in any way that violates the privacy rights or harms in any way any other person;
  2. act or post comments that are illegal or support illegal activities,
  3. collect personal data of persons below the age of 18;
  4. use the webpage costo.menu in any illegal or unlawful manner
  5. violate intellectual property rights of Costomenu or third parties, or
  6. harm CostoMenu in any way.
In such cases, CostoMenu reserves the right to immediately suspend access to users and to pursue a legal or judicial action.

12.3. Users are only allowed to access the website for legitimate purposes and in a manner that does not impede the proper operation and access of the other users. All users should not use our electronic services knowingly introducing viruses, trojans, worms, logical bombs, or other malicious material or any other harmful component, or otherwise tamper with or cause damage to Costo.menu website or any connected network, or otherwise interfere with any person (user) or entity using the website. Also, unauthorized access to website, the server on which it is stored, or any server, computer or database associated with the website is prohibited.

12.4. All submissions, notifications, alerts or problems should be reported and sent electronically by users through the contact form of the website via the authorized e-mail address of the user.

12.5. The contract amongst users and our company is binding for the duration of their subscription.

12.6. Users may not assign, change or otherwise tamper with the terms of the contract, on any of its rights or obligations without our written agreement.

12.7. We may transfer, assign, change, sub-lease or otherwise make the contract available, or any of our rights or obligations arising from it, at any time during the contract period.


13.1. We might link to other websites and promote other products in our website via those links but we cannot be held liable for any other company or external partner on any product they advertise in our website. Users may visit their web pages and access the information at their own risk.

13.2. Consequently, whatever data our users disclose to such third parties, companies, associates, websites, they do so at their own risk and we hold no liability for breach of confidentiality of their data or for inappropriate use.

13.3. Sponsors, suppliers, and external partners (third parties) are free to advertise their products or services in our website costo.menu and our company will not be liable for any misleading, or otherwise inappropriate information coming from such third parties as it is displayed to the users in our webpage. Users should access such information from third parties at their own risk.


14.1. The entire content of the website Costo.menu, including texts, graphics, user profiles, photographs, commercial trademarks, logos, the website source code, the platform, the databases and any other data, as well as the total know-how and anything else related to the design, creation, construction, operation or methodology, (all together referred as "Content") and arrangement of such Content are intellectual creations, which are protected by the relevant Greek and EU legislation (and similar laws in other countries) and belong to CostoMenu. We hold all rights, titles, and any interests related to the content of this website or any part of it. Please note that you may only use the website content “as is” and in accordance with the terms and conditions herein. In order to access and use our platform, each user is granted a non-exclusive, nontransferable, limited right to access, temporarily upload to the cache memory of its device, use and view the website. This right applies exclusively to the natural person who visits and uses the website for personal and noncommercial use only, provided that he/she fully complies with these Terms of Use.

14.2. The user may not alter, resell, deliver, distribute or otherwise exploit any Content (in whole or in part) without the specific prior written consent of the Company. Additionally, no user may: (a) use or copy the Content and / or any material from the website to another web site, or physical store, application or any other electronic or non-electronic presentation, and b) present or embed (embed, framing etc.) the website or any part thereof on another website or any application of any third party without CostoMenu’s prior agreement.

14.3. We are not liable for the content, information, pictures or any other type of file or data that come from any links, external associates, promotions, or partners displaying goods or services in our website costo.menu.

14.4. Users are the sole proprietors of their own content (recipes, or other material) saved in their registered accounts. Aside from whatever is permitted in the terms and conditions herein, users have no right to copy, reproduce, publish, rewrite, or reuse any part or the whole of this website. Moreover, users cannot translate, retransmit, or distribute, by any way, the contents of this website without express, written permission from CostoMenu. Users are free to publish their recipes, pictures or data if they bear full liability for these.


15.1. In no event shall the company be liable for any direct, indirect, special punitive, incidental, exemplary or consequential damages, arising out of or in connection with the use inability to use or performance of the information, services, products and materials available on this site. If the foregoing limitation of liability is held to be unenforceable, the Company is only liable for significant lack of diligence in the case of delay in delivering the services it provides itself through the Site. The Company’s maximum liability under, arising from or in connection with the provision of the services under these terms, whether arising in contract, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, shall not exceed the actual amount paid by the customer to the Company.

15.2. Our website is provided "as is". Our users understand that our website and platform is hosted on computerized systems that we do not control and hence we cannot accept any responsibility for its availability and security. Thus, the Company bears no responsibility for any technical issues which the users may face when trying to access the website or during their browsing on it, which are related to the performance or compatibility of their own infrastructure with the website. In addition, the Company bears no responsibility for the actions or omissions of third parties, and in particular for a third party’s unauthorized interference in the products/services and/or information which are provided through the Company’s platform. Wherever the current website contains links to third party websites, the Company is not responsible for the contents of those websites, or any harm caused to the user by those sites.

16. CONTINGENCY TERMS (Force Majeure)

16.1. Our company will not be liable or responsible for any failure or delay to perform any of our obligations under that contract as a result of events beyond our reasonable control (Force Majeure Event).

16.2. A Force Majeure Event includes any act, event, omission or accident beyond our reasonable control and includes in particular (and without limitation) the following:

16.2.1. Strikes, restrictions or industrial activities;

16.2.2 Social unrest, riots, invasions, terrorist attacks or threats of terrorist attacks, war (whether declared or not) or threat or preparation for war;

16.2.3 Fire, explosion, storm, flood, earthquake, epidemic or other natural disaster;

16.2.4 Inability to use public or private telecommunication networks;

16.2.5. Acts, decrees, legislation, regulations or restrictions of any government.

16.3. Our performance under the contract will be suspended for the period of the Force Majeure, and we will have an extension of time for performance during this period. We will make every effort and use all reasonable means to perform through the event of Force Majeure or to find a solution by which our contractual obligations can be fulfilled despite the Force Majeure event.


These Terms of Use are governed by the law of Greece. Any dispute or claim arising out of access to and use of the website, that cannot be settled amicably, will be settled by the competent Courts of Athens, Greece, applying the laws of Greece.


18.1. We reserve the right to revise and amend these terms and conditions at any time in order to reflect any potential changes within market conditions that affect our business, changes in technology, changes in payment methods, changes in relevant laws and regulatory requirements and/or changes in the capabilities of our system.

18.2. You, the user, are subject to the policies and terms and conditions in effect at the time you use the site. We will notify you of any significant change in our policies or these terms and conditions following a confirmation e- mail (so we may assume that you have accepted the change in our policies and/or these terms and conditions, unless you notify us to the contrary within seven working days of receipt of our notification).

18.3. These terms and conditions as well as our contractual relationship with the users have not changed in any way by any subsequent terms and conditions issued by the users and they can only be modified by Costomenu with an official amendment of terms and conditions.


19.1. These Terms and Conditions describe the final binding agreement between CostoMenu and its users.

19.2. If any section or sections of these Terms are held to be invalid, illegal, unenforceable, or in conflict with the law of any jurisdiction, such holding shall not in any way affect the enforceability of the remaining sections.

19.3. Unless explicitly stated, these Terms and Conditions, as well as any rights granted herein, may not in any case be subject to transfer or assignment without the prior written consent of CostoMenu. CostoMenu reserves the right to transfer and/or assign the rights granted herein without any further notice of any kind.

19.4. In case a user disagrees with these Terms and Conditions, they should not use our website costo.menu.


If these Terms do not address your question or you wish to report any problem regarding the Site or its contents, please contact us as follows:

  1. by mail, 9-11 Parodos Chiou, 18540, Piraeus
  2. by using our website contact form;
  3. by telephone, at +30 210 4208731 or +30 6973286811
  4. by email, using info@costo.menu


The website can be terminated at any time and without prior notification. Upon termination all Terms related to Intellectual Property shall continue to bind you.

Athens, Greece